Mathematics Programme

The SFXS S1 Orientation programme in Mathematics emphasize the interface between primary and junior secondary mathematics. Instead of the mathematical knowledge, we also focus on student’s learning mathematics in English.

Students will received an summer holiday assignment during the new S1 information day. The assignment consists of five major area in primary mathematics, including: basic arithmetic, basic algebra, perimeter, area and volume, percentage and statistical chart. The assignment are written in both Chinese and English. Students are easy to follow and easy to identify the basic mathematical terms in English. Students are required to complete the assignment before the S1 orientation programme.

The math lesson in S1 orientation programme consist two lessons. In the first lesson, our math teacher will introduce the component of continue assessment marks (CAM), basic rule in mathematics lesson, and checking the summer holiday assignment. Then our math teacher will provide a game to help our pre-S1 students about using calculator.

The second math lesson in our orientation programme is introduce the mathematical game called “Rummikub”. Rummikub is a mathematical game which helps our students in the sense of number, logical thinking skills etc. Students are welcome to join our Rummikub competition organized by our math club in the future.

We expect students are enjoy our math lessons. And well equipped and prepare and challenges in secondary mathematics in SFXS.