Motto & Spirit

School Motto

Integrity and Universal Love.

Be loyal and show reverence for the Lord.
Treat others and conduct ourselves with decency.
Enhance fraternity among communities.
Be benevolent towards all things.

Spirit of SFXS

SFX Spirit is frequently used by students of both SFXC, Kowloon and SFXS, Tsuen Wan, and by their ex-students whenever and wherever they gathered. In a way, the students of the two schools share the spirit, or rather certain aspects of the spirit. This is not surprising as both schools were founded by the Marist Brothers and are still under their sponsorship, and what is more, several Brothers have served in both schools.

Apart from the common elements, however, each SFX has its own variant characteristics, which is again natural, since each school has its own school mottoes. For SFXS, TW, it is INTEGRITY & UNIVERSAL LOVE - "ZHONG CHENG BO AI". The essence of these virtues, and their importance, are expounded to the students. Teachers talk about it and the school song has it. It is on the school badge, on the cover of exercise books, and on the report cards. Moreover, our students are divided into the four houses of Loyalty, Honesty, Universality and Love. In other words, the school motto is implanted into every aspect of school life.

The essence of any school spirit comprises not only the school motto, but also the characteristics particular to the school. SFXS, TW has its own learning atmosphere. The interpersonal relationship among all - from the supervisor to the administrators, to the staff and to the students - has been blessed with fluid harmony. The commitment of staff as teachers, advisors and family members could also be considered a characteristic. From this warm and fragrant environment has emerged SFXS, TW boys, distinguished by their exceptional self-discipline and their readiness to take initiative. They have, through their leadership experience, acquired the courage to explore, to create and to innovate. The care taken by the school is to let its students develop their potential that is distinctively SFX, TW students' - a spirit that is reflected in each and every student's word and deed inside and outside school.

SFX Spirit is, however, not complete unless it bears the Marist traits. The Marist educators' golden rule states: "To bring up children properly, we must love them, and love them equally". From this principle flows the particular characteristics of our Marist style of educating: presence, simplicity, humility, modesty, family spirit, love of work and following the way of Mary.

Thus, all members of Marist schools, be they teachers or students, have that mutual respect which serves as a catalyst which enables them to treat one another like members of the same family. Then there is their simple yet matter of fact way of doing things, their straightforwardness, their unpretentious manner in their social contacts, their doing good in low profile, their enthusiasm in organizing and participating in all kinds of social activities. All these form part of the SFX Spirit.

This is often seen among students and the ex-students of both schools, not only in Hong Kong, but also in such places as Canada, USA, Australia and other parts of the world. Whenever there is a gathering, large number of them get together irrespective of age, or whether graduated from SFXC, Kowloon or from SFXS, Tsuen Wan. This is something unique, something that can't be found in the alumni of other schools. This is SFX SPIRIT.

All these unique Marist features will become part of our students and will accompany them through life. It is hoped that our students and staff alike will be able to incorporate the virtues embodied in SFX Spirit as guidelines to follow in the future.