Pastoral Education

Pastoral Team
The Pastoral Team aims at strengthening the faith of Catholic students and fostering the spiritual growth of all students. As a Catholic School, we organise a variety of religious activities throughout the year to cultivate a spiritual atmosphere for students, parents, and teachers. These include the School Opening Mass, Christmas celebration and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Besides, the Catholic Society (Katso) holds regular meetings and service activities to help the members to integrate their faith into life, and to share the love of Jesus Christ through action.

Our goals:
1.    To help students understand that God is love, and to help them realise the meaning and value of life.
2.    To teach the Catholic doctrine and to spread the Gospel.
3.    To encourage students to pay attention to spirituality in life.

Our Objectives:
1.    To help students develop a habit of Bible reading and prayer.
2.    To provide students with the opportunities to participate in activities inside and outside school, and to encourage them to develop their talents and build a positive attitude towards life.
3.    To guide students to live a Christian life and to establish ethical values based on the teachings of the Catholic Church and the Marist Brothers.
4.    To enhance the religious atmosphere of the school, so that students can learn to love and care for their peers, the school, as well as the family, society, country, and the world.
5.    To nurture students with a spirit of justice and democracy, and a caring and friendly attitude towards each other.
6.    To develop students’ ability to think independently and to distinguish right from wrong, so that they can pay active attention to events inside and outside the school, and that they can analyse problems objectively and give responses responsibly based on open and rational thinking.

SFXS Pastoral Team

Catholic Diocese in Hong Kong

Vision and Mission of Catholic Schools

With a determination to carry on the contribution of the Catholic Church to education, a Catholic School, as its vision and mission, shall uphold and pass on the following core values to young people to prepare them properly for their life and future responsibilities –

Truth: It is what the human intellect is searching for.


Truth is at the same time goodness. It guides people to have proper moral judgment. The voice of conscience is a concrete expression of truth in human's heart, calling him to do good and avoid evil. However, conscience needs to be educated.
We have the responsibility to know the truth, in particular the source of all truth ── God himself, and to take the truth as the principle of our words and deeds.

Justice: It is the moral virtue that consists of a constant and resolute will to give to God and one’s neighbours their due.


Justice means all men are equally and justly treated. Justice is the foundation and starting point of practicing charity.
A just society is constructed for the common good by all members united together, regardless of differences in religion, culture, social strata identity, age etc.
The governments and social groups have the duty to abide by "distributive justice".

Love: It is the greatest of all virtues.


Love is the nature of God. God is love. In love God created man and all things. He shares his love with man. Love comes from God.
Imitate Jesus to return his love for the love of the Father: submitting himself to the Father's will to manifest His bound-less love.
Imitate the love of Jesus for man: he loves all man, regardless of race, religion or wealth. He never gives up on anyone.
When there is love in families, schools and societies, we grow in love, learn to love, so that we can journey toward goodness, and the society can advance towards harmony.

Life: It is a priceless gift from God and is sacred in itself.


God alone is the Lord of the universe and life. The goodness, wonder and awesome of life comes from the wisdom and creation of God.
Life is a gift. Life begins at the moment of conception. It is good and sacred. Life should be respected and protected.
We should respect life and protect the dignity of man. No one can destroy an innocent human being.

Family: It is the basic unit of society.


The family is the first community of mankind. God wishes man to grow in communities.
The family is the core of a society. Through the family, man lives and grows in love and participates in building wider communities, including schools, home communities, societies, nations and the world under the will of God. Through selfless love and care among family members which is irreplaceable, one can experience human dignity.
Husband and wife should be faithful to each other, and learn together to help each other to accomplish their mission.