Leadership Training

Student Leadership

Leadership Programs at SFXS provide an array of opportunities for students to further develop their skills and personal attributes including: belongingness, responsibility, confidence, collaboration, cooperation, team spirit, and developing dynamic ideas. A Student Leader leads by example, promotes student organization, embodies the learner profile, and most important of all, the school mission.

Student Leaders will choose an area or a function of leadership connected to their passion.  They are expected to:
●    Set examples to all members of the school in the way they live the learner profile and demonstrate positive attitudes.
●    Act as a good role model by being respectful, responsible and resourceful.
●    Encourage others to develop student organizations by taking on leadership opportunities and positions of responsibility and to provide the same for others to do so.
●    Strike a  balanced  school life by carrying out leadership roles and still be fully committed to their academic prospects and other extra-curricular activities.
●    Attend student leadership meetings and trainings and contribute positively in the way of Mary.