60 Diamond Jubilee:Special Edition

2023-24 學校概覽


Pathfinder Editorial Board

Pathfinder is a student-led publication dating back half a century to 1964. It has gradually evolved from being mainly a collection of students’ creative works to a hub of news and stories about the School. Its binding method has also progressed from saddle stitch binding with dozens of pages to perfect binding with more than a hundred pages. The e-versions of Pathfinder starting from its 106th issue are available online for viewers to visit students’ creations anytime, anywhere.

In recent years, we have been transforming Pathfinder’s contents in order to create more room for different stakeholders at the School to showcase their success. Besides featured pages on discipline, counselling, and study guidance, we have also included highlights on the Students’ Union, the Parent-Teacher Association, and STEM initiatives to present our campus more comprehensively. On top of that, we have included QR codes for extended reading, making Pathfinder a school magazine that combines texts, music, images and videos.