Learning Environment

Teaching Staff

  • A principal
  • 3 vice-principals
  • 59 teachers and 7 assistant teachers


  • There are in total 665 students.
  • This year, our school has welcomed 114 F.1 students allocated by the EMB (Education and Manpower Bureau), mainly from bands 1 to 2.
  • Our school now has 24 classes of Forms 1 to 6, with 4 classes in each form.

School Time

  • Our school adopts a 10-day cycle approach for school time – 5 school days in a week, 2 weeks in a cycle.
  • From September to April, the school starts at 8:00 a.m. and finishes at 4:00 p.m., with a lunch break from 12:50 p.m. to 1:50 p.m..
  • And for May, June and July, the school changes to summer timetable. The school starts at 8:00 a.m. and finishes at 3:15 p.m., with a lunch break from 12:20 p.m. to 1:20 p.m..

Teaching language

  • Our school gives immense attention in language training to prepare students for their future study.
  • Secondary 1-3: Cantonese is adopted for teaching for teaching most academic subjects expect for English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science
  • Secondary 4-6: The Medium of Instruction varies depending on students’ language abilities. Cantonese is used for teaching Chinese, Liberal Studies, Chinese History, History, Economics, Geography, ICT, Music, and Visual Art while English is used for teaching English, Mathematics, M2, Physics, Chemistry,  Biology.
  • Our school has been promoting a wide range of extracurricular activities to broaden students’ horizon and to kindle their interest in language study. We have successfully applied for the English Enhancement Scheme launched by the Education Bureau and have claimed HK$3 million to enhance English teaching.
  • We have also implemented a school-based English Enhancement Scheme to allow F.1 students to join a variety of bridging courses to stimulate their interest and improve their English skills. Also, the English Corner has been set up for students to learn English in diversified English activities under the supervision of teachers.

Religious Education

  • SFXS is a catholic school pursing the doctrine of Catholicism. By following the guidance of the church, the school carries out multi-pronged religious education.
  • Apart from Bible lessons and Ethics lessons, we also have various kinds of religious activities held by the Catholic society and the Legion of Marry.

Guidance and Discipline

  • Our school focuses on helping students to foster self-discipline, loyalty, and universal love. By preparing our students into decent men, we believe they will be able to show their utmost commitment to contributing to the community and achieving their goals.
  • Our students have been showcasing the spirit of self-discipline, independence, and freedom.  The Counseling Team would like to conserve and spread this fine tradition.
  • A series of measures have been taken to help F.1 students foster their study habit and develop healthy lifestyle in order to cultivate students’ positive values for setting up goals and unleash their potential.
  • Students with behavioral problems are uncommon in our school. Yet, in light of the motto ‘prevention is better than cure’, our teachers work very closely with social workers to provide appropriate support and guidance to the students in need. By doing so, students can not only get a better understanding of themselves, but also build good relationships with teachers, classmates, and their family members. All in all, it is our desire to help students keep a positive attitude in life.

Merit and Regulation

Our school upholds the principle of ‘positive education’, which aims to encourage positive student behavior in school. With that being said, it is also our mission to help students reflect on their misbehavior without bias, and to help them rectify their mistakes.

  • Honoring with merits:  Students who have achieved notable achievements and have performed good deeds will be honored with merits. Their names will also be announced during the morning assembly.
  • Giving punishment:  We incorporate support from social workers into student disciplinary record. For students who prove guilt with severe behavioral problems, our school will first inform their parents before holding a meeting with the principal and the discipline team to investigate whether the punishment imposed is appropriate or not.  Meanwhile, we will call a meeting to acquaint student parents with the incident and to give students chance to represent themselves.

Every year, thirty students who excel in academics and have exceptional achievements will be elected as a member of the school prefect team. Our prefect team is well-organized with regular training and review to demonstrate satisfying performance with their duty.

Sport and Extracurricular Activity

  • To foster students’ whole-person development, our school puts great emphasis on physical education and extracurricular activities. Not only does the physical education provide training on ball games, gymnastics, track and field and swimming,but it also teaches students on health-related knowledge.
  • For the extracurricular activities, we have established a number of clubs to provide students with fun and wholesome activities to join, such as Muay Thai club and E-sports club.