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STEM Education and Service Learning in SFXS

In addition to cultivating students' creativity, collaboration and problem-solving abilities through diverse and boys' favorite topics (such as rocket cars), we also hope to strengthen our partnership with community stakeholders. The cooperative relationship allows students to learn in the social service society. STEM in Community is our focus!
Students are given opportunities to experience green life. We have also collaborated with college students in the "Service Learning Course of the local University” to produce conceptual products related to "The Elderly Technology". Students can also visit the elderly living alone and pay attention to their lives to cultivate empathy.
We also encourage students to participate in different types of STEM competitions. Students have outstanding performances in competitions in different fields, including the "Best 10 STEM schools in the Greater Bay Area STEM Excellence Awards (Hong Kong) 2020", the " Commendable Smart City Project Award in Smart City Project Programme " , the " Overall Outstanding award in Second Chance Project " as well as the overall championship of " Youth New Energy Electric Vehicle Design Competition 2019-2020".

STEM Education Group